My perspective change on my hearing- aid.

(Intro) My perspective on hearing loss went from hated wearing it to accepting the fact that I need it. Here is how my feelings, experiences, beliefs, perspective, and values have changed from Kindergarten to Tenth grade. 

(F-k) My feelings for my hearing aid in Kindergarten, were like anybody else’s with a hearing aid for the first time. It was uncomfortable to wear all day. Plus I didn’t like people seeing my hearing and that made me self conscious about it. 

(F-t) My feelings on my hearing aid in tenth grade was better since I was older and understood more on why I needed it. I started to appreciate it more. Growing up made me more comfortable with it and having to wear it all day. 

(E-k) My experiences with my hearing aid in kindergarten were that I was not used to having it in so it felt like it hurt. I was scared that people would make fun off and I wouldn’t fit in with everyone around me. 

(E-t) My experiences in tenth grade, seemed to be better because there was more kids around me so no one really noticed that I had a hearing aid unless  they looked really closely. I also found out that I needed it to hear even though I didn’t have it for a long time. 

(B-k) I believed that I didn’t need a hearing aid and that it wouldn’t help me, it would just make it worse. I also thought that having it would mean that I would have no friends cause no one would want to be my friend. 

(B-t) I believe now that I need it for understanding what people have to say to me. Without it I would be looking at people weird not understanding what people are say to me or around me. 

(P-k) My perspective is that I didn’t accept it. That it was just going to slow me down and make it harder for me to keep up in school. 

(P-t) My perspective now is that I somewhat accept it but not completely. I now see that it is helping me keep up in school and not fall behind to far. 

(V-k) In kindergarten I valued going out side and playing or doing childish things but it was hard because I was always told I have to wear it from the time I wake up till I go to sleep, which made it hard to do childish things cause I didn’t want to lose it. 

(V-t) My values now are that I can still be a child at heart and not lose my hearing aid.