My perspective change on my hearing- aid.

(Intro) My perspective on hearing loss went from hated wearing it to accepting the fact that I need it. Here is how my feelings, experiences, beliefs, perspective, and values have changed from Kindergarten to Tenth grade. 

(F-k) My feelings for my hearing aid in Kindergarten, were like anybody else’s with a hearing aid for the first time. It was uncomfortable to wear all day. Plus I didn’t like people seeing my hearing and that made me self conscious about it. 

(F-t) My feelings on my hearing aid in tenth grade was better since I was older and understood more on why I needed it. I started to appreciate it more. Growing up made me more comfortable with it and having to wear it all day. 

(E-k) My experiences with my hearing aid in kindergarten were that I was not used to having it in so it felt like it hurt. I was scared that people would make fun off and I wouldn’t fit in with everyone around me. 

(E-t) My experiences in tenth grade, seemed to be better because there was more kids around me so no one really noticed that I had a hearing aid unless  they looked really closely. I also found out that I needed it to hear even though I didn’t have it for a long time. 

(B-k) I believed that I didn’t need a hearing aid and that it wouldn’t help me, it would just make it worse. I also thought that having it would mean that I would have no friends cause no one would want to be my friend. 

(B-t) I believe now that I need it for understanding what people have to say to me. Without it I would be looking at people weird not understanding what people are say to me or around me. 

(P-k) My perspective is that I didn’t accept it. That it was just going to slow me down and make it harder for me to keep up in school. 

(P-t) My perspective now is that I somewhat accept it but not completely. I now see that it is helping me keep up in school and not fall behind to far. 

(V-k) In kindergarten I valued going out side and playing or doing childish things but it was hard because I was always told I have to wear it from the time I wake up till I go to sleep, which made it hard to do childish things cause I didn’t want to lose it. 

(V-t) My values now are that I can still be a child at heart and not lose my hearing aid.


Winter DHH Camp


(P) My perspective is that this was my first year at DHH winter camp. I was also the only girl in my group of 4. I was in a cabin with a different school that was all deaf and it was challenging.

(E) My experiences at DHH winter camp were ranging from outside activities to indoor activities. Some outdoor activities were broom-ball, petting zoo, and tubbing. A few indoor activities are crafts, cabin time, meeting other kids with hearing loss, games, and learning about my accommodations.

(F) Some of my feelings at winter camp were scared because I was scared of hurting my finger again after surgery. I was happy when i was making new friends at winter camp. I had enjoyment when I was petting the animals, meeting new people, and getting to know the 3 boys in my group with hearing loss. I was also frustrated when it came to cabin time with the other school because they had all deaf students and no one in our group could speak sign language.

(B) I believe that DHH camp is important so that we can see others like us with hearing loss. I think that it is important to wear your hearing aids all the time so you can communication with others.

(V) I value nature because I like seeing animals, the trees, the flowers, and the waves on the water. I also value the seasons and how they change even though I hate winter with all my heart but it is sometimes pretty to see the snow fall slowly. Seeing the leafs change from green to red, orange and yellow is amazing to watch and take pictures of. The summer is my favorite season because it is warm out and you can go swimming, bike riding, and play in the sun in your shorts and tank tops. But spring is my next favorite season with all the flowers growing and the water puddles to jump in plus it is the best time to get all muddy.


My Perspective on Animal Cruelty


(P) Animal cruelty is a horrible thing. Those animals could have gone to a loving home where they would get fed everyday and wouldn’t have to worry about being hit, kicked, thrown, stomped on, not feeding or watering them, and putting to many animals in a small space. 

(B) My perspective on animal cruelty is that if you are going to abuse an animal then you don’t need to have a pet. Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized. That’s about 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats.

(E) I read an article on animal cruelty, where a women from West Virginia that lived in a medium sized house and she was charged with 49 counts of animal cruelty. Police rescued 15 dogs, 17 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs, 9 birds and 2 pigs. They said the animals did not have enough food, water, and shelter.   Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association had a criminal complaint made about an abnormally thin pregnant Great Dane at the house. 

(F) I feel that those dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and pigs could have gone to homes/farms where they could have been able to be free and loved for who they are on the inside instead of being abused by a sick minded person that doesn’t deserve to have animals! Animal cruelty also makes me mad because I used to have a very pretty Pit bull named Angle and when we got her she was scared of her own shadow. She spend 16 hours in a crate everyday while her owner was away at work she only went out side to use the bathroom then she went back inside and back to her crate she went. I was happy that her old owner decided to let me have her Because he relived that he didn’t have enough time to give her the loves and care she needed. But 3 years ago she pasted away and that made me very sad because I loved her and she loved me. 

(V) I value animal and how they are treated. Because if you take a dog and abuse them their whole life then they will either get tired of it and become depressed or will fight back and attack you as a way for saying “I have had enough of you treating me like this!” Everyone says that all dogs are bad, But they aren’t! They act on how they were treated growing up so it’s not the animals fault it’s the owners fault how hurt them to their breaking point.